Ashley’s background

As a military brat, I’ve experienced life cross-country but was fortunate to spend most of my adolescence in New Orleans. It must be said that growing up in NOLA meant that every school dance, mall meet-up or mere neighborhood hangout served as a sartorial spotlight. Being immersed in the epicenter of culture certainly brought with it the realization that I was able to express myself without uttering a single word, which proved to be a powerful sense of self-discovery at such a young age. That confidently carried me through many stages of life to be exactly who I am and hopefully with an interesting and differentiated perspective.

On day-to-day dressing

I have always dressed to a mood or feeling. Any given day brings with it a desire to embody a sense of femininity, masculinity, or romanticism that constantly lives within me and what I’m most in tune with at that moment. Sometimes it’s strong in one specific direction, and sometimes it’s a blend of all the feels. I always get dressed for me, whether I’m running to my corner coffee shop or heading into the office, so COVID just shifted my whereabouts from the bedroom to the living room or back and forth to the kitchen.

On cultivating personal style

I wholeheartedly lean into what moves me. There is way too much fun waiting to be had! Carving out an individualized sense of style has the ability to take on a living art form and that objective certainly shapes what impacts me. Everything from nature to architecture to activists infiltrates how I evolve and continue to evolve in expressing myself visually. The naive and immature me certainly thought showing skin automatically exuded appeal, and now any piece that packs drama and makes a statement — which is typically something covering me from head to toe — is the masterpiece of sexy. At the end of the day, change is the only constant. That’s where all the beauty lies.

On dressing for her body type

Clothes are like real estate. You have to see the potential in them. I’m not a sample size and never have been, so rarely does every cut I love fit me directly off the rack. I make sure things fit my curvy figure properly in the most important places — hello, hips and thighs — and tailor the rest. Most importantly, I don’t ever let a size deter me. My closet is stacked with a full size run, from small to extra large and everything in between.  

Ashley’s favorite brands

Rejina Pyo, Ganni, Christopher John Rogers, Proenza Schouler, Old Céline, A.W.A.K.E. Mode, Mercedes Castillo, and every special vintage find I have yet to discover. 

Her favorite trends

No matter the season I’m drawn to masculine-influenced, conceptual, and oversized pieces. There’s an effortless ease that inherently comes with these elements that captures my heart and transcends trends every time.
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