Our guide to spring cleaning

Many of us are spending most of our time at home during these unprecedented times. If you are looking for a productive project to occupy some time, our stylists have put together a spring cleaning guide that covers everything from what to toss, what to keep, and how to revamp your favorite pieces for a second wear. 

To begin, set aside anything you haven’t worn within the past year. This will be an easy starting point as it does not require much thought. If you didn’t wear it within its season during 2019, you most likely won’t be motivated to wear it this year. Then, in addition to items that you haven’t worn, our stylists recommend also setting aside items that fit into one or more of the following categories:


-Doesn’t fit correctly or is not a flattering color on your complexion

-Difficult to incorporate with other pieces you own

-Becoming outdated/showing signs of too much wear

-Aren’t appropriate for most of the occasions in your life.


Letting go can be the most difficult step in this process, but keep in mind advice from organizing pro and author Marie Kondo.
She suggests asking yourself if an item sparks joy. If it doesn’t, there is no purpose in keeping it. The items that fall under our clean out categories above most likely do not spark joy. In fact, she explains that holding on to items that do not spark joy can become a physical and emotional hindrance. Her book is very enlightening if you are on the hunt for a new read.   
To wrap up this step, make a convenient and timely plan for how to clear those pieces out so they don’t end up sitting in your closet. If you are interested in selling pieces, reach out to us at and we will arrange for consignment via The RealReal. Dress for Success is a great option for donations– your items will help outfit women in need during job interviews. 
what to keep

When deciding what to keep, consider the opposite of what you cleaned out. The items you hold on to should be pieces that for the most part check all of these boxes: 

-Spark joy
-Have been worn within the last year 
-Fit properly and is flattering on your complexion 
-Are easy to incorporate with other pieces in your wardrobe
-Look fresh/has minimal signs of wear
-Are appropriate for events in your life
It is also helpful to make sure your closet includes adequate wardrobe staples to carry you through upcoming seasons. This includes pieces that can act as the foundation to multiple outfits such as a classic pair of jeans, a white collared shirt, a neutral belt, a quality pair of flats, or a classic dress silhouette. 
How to Revamp Pieces for More Wear
Once you have landed on items you would like to save, keep in mind these simple styling tips for a fresh perspective:

Cut off a pair of jeans to make shorts. This can easily be done at home with a pair of heavy duty scissors– no need to worry if your cut is perfect as they will fray. To get some extra use out of a formal dress that has had minimal wear, take it to a tailor and have them alter the hem to go from long to short.

Dye fabric. You can perform a simple color change, or opt for a more creative project like tie dying. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool are the easiest fabrics to dye as they will absorb better than synthetics. You can educate yourself a bit further via as well as purchase dye.

Go from day to night. Have a tailor remove the collar and buttons on a shirt or dress and create a low v-cut for a sexier look.

Switch up the items you typically pair together. For example, wear sneakers with a dress instead of sandals, or wear a fitted printed shirt under a sleeveless item.

Add a funky pair of socks to freshen up a pair of shoes. Artful socks were a notable 2020 runway trend, and are a simple way to update an older pair of sandals (even open toed is acceptable!) or sneakers.

Change the buttons. This is something that can easily be done from home and can add just the right amount of refresh to an item. Etsy and Ebay are a great source for interesting vintage finds, or you can opt to remove the button from a piece of clothing you no longer wear.

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